Makerere university main building

The Ivory tower was meant to resume studies for semester two(2) academic year 2018-2019 on the 19th January, 2019 but because of a strike by the lecturers and non teaching staff, a lot of time was lost and students did not attend lectures for a full month and this was due to the effects of the industrial Action by the staff at the beginning of semester II 2018/2019 Academic year.

The University has not taken any caution to see that this problem be solved by extending the semester in order to compensate the lost time lost. students have complained that their lecturers rush them in order to complete the syllabus and this leaves most of them behind without understanding what is being taught.

Course works and tests have become the order of the day without proper preparation for them by the students. This has left many students complaining and asking for the extension of the semester by two weeks at least or more.

The strike affected almost all the faculties and colleges in the University apart from a few of them but they all want the semester to be extended which the University has not yet attended to. students have now engaged their students leaders at the Guild level to push for the extension of the semester in order to compensate for the lost time.

Students at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

written by;

Musumbya David Kigundu

Adong Mary Gold

Kemigisa Sauba

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