There is nothing essentially unhealthy about being a beauty addict but there are many risks of becoming an explicit beauty addict. In a world where maintaining attractiveness yields real personal and professional advantages, it’s easy to see how augmenting your appearance can create serious gravity. But, when a beauty routine starts to significantly affect your life, it might be time to rethink your relationship to your addictive rituals. After all, being a slave to beauty is not a noble debut. 

Closeup portrait of a woman applying dry cosmetic tonal foundation.

Consider signs of beauty addiction as serious and relative to any other addiction. Among the common signs of beauty addictions include a built up tolerance, prevalence, reverting among others. Cosmetics are physically addictive as it is to some drugs. When considering social pressures, women and not forgetting some men are psychologically dependent on these alluring beauty products. Cosmetic use, especially at an elevated level can however become a very expensive habit to maintain causing distress in families just as with any other addiction.

Girls pose to show off their facial make up. They all say they cant leave their hostels without facial make up.

In drug addiction, the user needs to use more of the drug to experience the same effects previously attained in smaller amounts. The user takes drugs to avoid or relieve withdrawal symptoms. But for a beauty addict, facial makeup or nice hair weaves can prompt a dizzying array of sensations. It is seductive and indulgent and perhaps wasteful to those who just see it. To an addict, buying makeup is fun. Feeling like you cannot stop buying makeup even if you wanted to, however, is not.

Tina is a 23 year old undergraduate student at Makerere University. She loves Brazilian hair weaves and her maroon lip gloss is her favorite attachment. Before joining campus, Tina was casual with no single interest in making stunning appearances. However all this changed when she joined campus and thought making up was a trend.

Tina Bitsinze wearing her Brazilian weave and favorite lip gloss. she says she cant do without any of them.

Months later, Tina’s make up sidelines and obsessions with Brazilian hair weaves developed drastically and there was no turning back. Her buying behavior had completely transformed. “I would fore go lunch but buy my favorite Brazilian weave and maroon lipstick. I can’t do without any of the two” exclaimed Tina.

Her humble attitude towards makeup swiftly ascended to a makeup die-hard to the extent that she dodged class on her bad hair days. She joined numerous beauty groups which eased her updates on new beauty products on the market.  

Make up accessories

There are a lot more girls who experience sudden obsessions with makeup.In a survey I made around Makerere university, many of the girls aged 20-26 that I spoke with say they find themselves repeatedly buying variations of the same thing over and over again and surprisingly don’t wait for it to get finished before purchasing another one. Others were of the view that they find themselves buying beauty products that they don’t use at the end of the day.

Mildrid Oundo, a student at the same university says that she always finds herself buying at least a beauty product whenever she goes for shopping. ‘I don’t know what always compels me but I find myself in the cosmetics section’ she said.

Mildrid is a beauty addict. she spends her free time doing facial makeup to her clients.

According to Dr Yasmine Katende, a counselor at Gulu referral hospital, there has always been stigma attached to addiction, and it is believed that it is attached to good for nothing people. This however is not true, in this era addictions can befall anyone.

He advises that, to get over beauty addictions, one has to first accept that they are addicts. Then give their bodies a chance to experience new things and sensations. This helps destruct them from the addiction and see life in a different way. Talking to friends about your addictions will also help you recover.

In an article titled ‘This Is How One Reddit User Overcame Her Makeup Addiction professor Terri Orbuch, a professor at Oakland University and research professor at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research says that when it comes to beating any addiction, it’s also important to find something else to occupy your time, whether that means exercising more, listening to music, or just taking a bath. Other ideas: “Be good to yourself in some other way by volunteering in your community,” she says. “Sit down and make a list of things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the time, or things that will make you feel good about yourself.”

The good news is that, one can get over any beauty addictions. Sharing our stories with others can help us cope with our addictions.


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